CODEPINK Dallas, along with North Texas Veterans For Peace and the North Texas Light Brigade, did two actions this weekend.

CODEPINK Dallas, along with North Texas Veterans For Peace and the North Texas Light Brigade, did two actions this weekend.  On Friday night, July 26, we joined up with NTLB to illuminate North Texas with ”FREE BRADLEY MANNING” in bright lights.   Passersby approached us on the pedestrian bridge to ask, “Who is Bradley Manning?”  We were happy to tell them! 

VIDEO - North Texas Light Brigade FREE BRADLEY:

 imageOn Saturday, July 27, we met at the “Grassy Knoll” in downtown Dallas to demonstrate, gather petition signatures, and take a group “We are Bradley Manning” photo.  We answered questions from the many tourists in Dealey Plaza to visit the Sixth Floor Museum and the Grassy Knoll, and handed out flyers with a “Bradley Manning Fact Sheet” and “Ways to Support Brave Wikileaks Whistleblower, Bradley Manning” on one side, and Ann Wright’s article, “Bradley Manning:  A Brave, Altruistic Soldier” ( on the other.   
High Res group photo attached.