"Stand With Texas Women"

The ”Stand With Texas Women” bus tour came through and there was a big rally in Ft. Worth last week.  Wendy Davis had seen our North Texas Light Brigade photos, loved ‘em, and tweeted them out, so we took the letters over to Fort Worth.  The “bus people” had us line up for a photo-ops with the crowd & w/Wendy & co.  Lots of fun and enthusiasm all around. 



imageThe Dallas Rally to Defend Women’s Rights this week also went well despite the rain & we got some contact info for several ppl interested in CP (thanks, Alli et al for getting out the blast in time).  There were very loud/obnoxious counter protesters screaming the whole time, but everyone very successfully ignored them. 

Several pink AP photos. 
We did a group photo-op with NTLB as it started to get dark. 
AP Photos: 
video - North Texas Light Brigade:  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200674188155695
LOVE this one:
imageIn front of Dallas Civic Center:
imageMy favorite sign:image


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